JOV+ Fat Burn Cream.100g

BHD .د.ب28.644

Say Goodbye to Fat and Cellulite with our ( JOV+ Fat Burn Cream ) that will help you reduce Fat Areas and Tighten the skin and Cellulite with Natural ingredients.    
  • Key Benefits:
  • Help Reduce Fat Areas.
  • Tighten your Skin.
  • Cellulite reduce with Natural ingredients.


How to use? Apply to small amount of the cream on the needed areas of fat, massage it in circler way till it get absorbed. you may feel hot sensation, that means the cream is working to help reduce fat. Use it twice a day: Moring and night. recommended to use while workouts and exercising *Caution: apply small amount of the cream on an small area before using it on full area to make sure you get use to it and will not feel uncomfortable. STOP using it if you feel uncomfortable. Ask your doctor before using it. NOT suitable for Pregnant and Breastfeeding. Keep away from children and Below 18 year old.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5.65 × 6.75 × 9.25 cm


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